Les Deux Sardaignes, exposition de photos de Frank Sanna

LES DEUX SARDAIGNES – Exposition de photos de Frank Sanna 13 au 28 aout 2010

Life has forever impressed me as being a world of phenomenon; a mysterious realm of so many things - all freely standing in contrast to each other, all somehow connected in unlimited space. This experience of opposition, the tension of worldly, finite, stuff existing in an infinite context, never really escapes my concern as person or artist.

Creating photographic images has always been a form questioning relationships. With each new composition, an unspoken argument plays out in my mind. Have I calmed the persistent need to orient myself within people, places, and things… or am I simply trying to make believe that this world belongs to me?

In the exposition Les deux Sardaignes landscapes of the 'two' Sardinias are presented. One, of images taken on trips from the physical, geographical location in Italy where my parents come from, the other, created from childhood family archives: images from 'the homeland' and of Thorold, Ontario - where I come from. The 'real' Sardinia is the one experienced through memory of family culture, geography and emotion - a landscape of psychological and affective space that is continually recomposed as an ongoing fiction of personal truth.